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Well I will start by saying that the only reason I went this event this past Saturday is because Friday night I ran into a lady I know at the store who was all upset about her friends not coming to her jewelry party. (As she claimed) She invited me.

I really didn't feel up to going. My husband talked me into it because he felt bad for her. He told me I should go for support. We both did let her know that I wouldn't be able to buy anything at the party.

She said she was perfectly fine with that. So the next day when I went there was a lot of vehicles in her yard. I was surprised since she made it out like hardly anyone would show up. I get in the her house to find a room full of women.

Like either 7 or 8 to be exact. She had close to ten people there. When the presentation started she had me come up as a volunteer. I really saw a whole different side to this lady.

She asked my name & when I told it to her she made unprofessional remarks that it she thinks it's a weird name. Was pretty embarrassing. Well throughout the event I was polite & supportive. When the presentation was over I took a picture of a pair of earrings I thought was pretty I planned on seeing about buying from her in the future.

I called my husband to let him know the party was over. The woman over the hostess got all curious about me getting ready to leave. She called this woman her Premier Mom. The Premier Mom then hassles me about doing a hostess party through them.

I explained to them I don't know anyone who I could invite. I'm not from around there. They then talked me into possibly giving it a shot to sell on Facebook as an event. Well I explained to the hostess (the lady that invited me) that I'm not at all familiar with how any of this works.

She pretty much invited herself to come to my house the next day to show me. When my husband got there I went to leave. As I did the Premier Mom ask loud across the room at me if I was asking my husband about the earrings so I can help with the hostess party. It was really embarrassing.

Everyone in the room was staring at me. I just told her I couldn't afford to right now & left. Dropped off the order forms & catalogs at the hostess house yesterday. Just very unprofessional & rude behavior.

Definitely don't want anything to do with the woman that invited me ever again. After reading more about how this is a pyramid scheme & how upset a lot of ex Premier Designs sellers are with this company then it's definitely a blessing in disguise. If they would have played this off in a fake positive experience then I would of been apart of the madness. I guess for what made an irritating weekend did save me from a really worst experience in the long run.

Yes, this is a pyramid scheme. If at these events they don't take no for an answer then that's a really big sign. Nobody should be pressured into doing something they aren't sure about.

Just be careful because I'm sure there are other Premier Designs sellers that are much better at their job at getting more to join. Those two old gals there just didn't know how to act professional apparently.

Product or Service Mentioned: Premier Designs Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Batson, Texas, United States #1351169

I personally think you sound like a big baby!

to Anonymous #1353247


to Anonymous #1367276

I've been a Jeweler for 3 years and I don't believe any of that happened. Also, pyramid schemes are illigal.

We have perfect ratings with the BBS. I do this full time so I can stay at home with my children. People who don't understand direct sales say the same thing. Your regular job is a pyramid!

You'll never make more money than your boss. But I can make more money than my premier mother. There's no cap and I keep all of my earnings. I don't share my earrings with my upline!!

All it is, is sales! Learn before you bash.

to Anonymous #1406050

Wow, making fun of her for her review? Nice!

You just confirmed what she said in her review.


The Premier jewelry is so ugly and overpriced. It costs the same as Kendra Scott and those are so much prettier and in style.

to Anonymous #1468993

I personally think she can say whatever she wants and that you sound ignorant.

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