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Spent 29$ on a ring within two weeks it stained my finger brown which wouldn't come off.Then a week later the so called fancy jewerly has tarnished.

Money thrown away!!!!!!Cannot get no customer service help from anyone.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #1208138

Their customer service number is (800) 486-7378.You could have had an allergic reaction to the ring.

That is not the normal reaction people have. I owe many of their rings. There was one that after much use it started to tarnish my finger and they replaced it. it happened again.

It turns out that that particular metal was reacting to my skin so I don't buy pieces with that kind of finish.

Also, did you wear the ring while washing dishes or taking a shower?Moisture could cause a problem which the jeweler who sold you that piece should have told you.


You can call Premier Designs and they will help you in anyway they can.All jewelry can tarnish.

You must always follow the rules when taking care of jewelry.

If you were cleaning or doing anything with chemicals it will change the molecular structure of the item.Costume jewelry does need to be taken care of properly.




They have the golden guarantee! Within the first 60 days it's free to get a new piece and after 60 days you pay $5 and tax.


I have the same piece and have had zero issues with it.Tarnish is normal on silver jewelry.

That is why your jeweler should have gone over how to care for your jewelry properly.

The 5 S's are the most important.Above all, DO NOT GET YOUR JEWELRY WET and store it with chalk to absorb moisture if you don't have moisture wicking pads.

Cypress, Texas, United States #974413

That looks horrible.Have you tried calling Premier Designs directly at 800-486-7378.

I'm sure someone in Customer Service would be delighted to help you.They are open from 7am-7pm.

Florida, United States #946415

I understand totally.The jewelry turns immediately.

They tell you it is because you "allow moisture" to get to it. That is total BS.

The stuff they have breaks all the time and they charge crazy prices.They try to get you with the "lets have a party and you can get free stuff", but then you end up spending even more because of the "deals" and on shipping and then you end up with more jewelry that breaks.

to Angie Brooklyn, New York, United States #1208142

How many pieces did you actually buy that "broke"?Can you be a little more specific?

Silver tarnishes too. You have to clean your jewelry just like I have to clean my silver tea set. Our average piece is $34. That's not crazy compared to other companies likes Lia Sophia who actually went out of business.

Hostesses and customers only pay $4 shipping on their entire order. Yes, our hostess plan gives you the opportunity to purchase anywhere from 4-8 pieces at 50% off but you don't have to take advantage of that. The only cost you pay as a hostess is the $4 shipping and the tax on your free jewelry.

My average hostess earns $180 of free jewelry and they get that for about $17.That's not a bad deal.

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