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I became a jeweler which means I shelled out over $500.00 off the bat to sell jewelry. First off my upper lead as I will call her took 2 months to contact me to set up a time to go everything I received in my kit.

One visit and 2 hours of time. I eventually before the 2 months was up figured some things out myself but was doing it incorrectly and was losing money. I was supposed to be contacted by my local "mom" in the town I live in, this NEVER happened. I did attend two meetings as my lead let me know of the meetings.

I was completely ignored, I am assuming because I did not fit their click as they made this perfectly clear. In the first 90 days I was able to book 7 parties, non of which produced over $200.00 in sales and I lost money as I was paying $15.00 $25.00 out of my own pocket to ship peoples orders as well as magazines that I had to purchase as well for people who wanted a magazine but NEVER booked a party. This was $5-$6 a pop. After 90 days I emailed a survey to friends & family, the consciences from people was the jewelry was over priced for what it was, the pictures in the magazines were ugly so the jewelry was unappealing to begin with, and lastly as I have seen with my own kit jewelry, the rings tarnish with little wear, the necklaces tangle to easily and then break, and the quality is cheap.

$60.00 for fake beads are you kidding me was one example I received- After 6 months I called it quits and just started to buy jewelry for people because as a jeweler I can buy at half price- made not a dime off any sales because I did not have the heart to charge more then what I was getting this crap for. I am now over 1500.00 w a credit card them, as well as a huge chunk of my own money for this and that as it was told to me in one of the click meetings that you need to have nails done, hair perfect and always look presentable in wardrobe, make sure you wear that jewelry proud-!! all for a total of $760.00 in profit.

Would never refer this company to any one and cannot wait until I never have to make another payment to them- They have no leadership skills unless maybe you are in their upper management or part of their click.. Pretty sure Jesus did not have a click..

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I am very sorry that your up-line was incredibly rude to you. Please know that not all up-lines are that way.

I have been with Premiere for 5 years, I am making good money, and I have a wonderful up-line.

Premier Designs is an incredible company to represent. What happened to you is NOT Premier's fault it is the woman who was supposed to be your mentor.

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