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  • Customers like
    • Variety of looks 3
    • Magnetic jewelry 2
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    • Lack of information 3
    • No trust in consultant 3
    • Too much defective product 3
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Cheap junk jewelry. Tarnishes and breaks. It was embarrassing to go to a family reunion this summer and have family members tell me about their dissatisfaction with the jewelry I had sold them. Some necklace pieces gave me and my daughter a rash. Company does not stand behind the "Golden Guarantee". Read more

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I had a necklace to tarnish and on another piece a couple of rhinestones fell out and part of the same set the matching earring broke. I called and was told i have to pay $5.00 for each piece to replace or fix. Read more

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I am so sorry to see so many people have had a negative experience with Premier. They are a wonderful company based on Godly, Christian beliefs and these comments only need to get to the right person to get the issues resolved. I am so sorry to hear that your Jewelry Lady was not successful with giving you a wonderful experience with your purchases. I am so happy to be a part of the Premier Designs world and feel that God is using me in... Read more

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I ordered in support of a relative distributor a gold plated promising, beautifully looking hoop earrings that changed colors within days and was advised not to wear overnight (duh) or not when my body is oily. Well I was able to return them back to my relative who then returned them to distributor and they were replaced with a new pair and within a few days the second pair changed color on me so I am done with trying to help folks get ahead as... Read more

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I've ordered the JESUS Ring back in Febuary 20th 2016 and never recieved my ring. I've emailed countless of times and same response like always. Like it's electronic mail or something. I have pics of the emails.

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I ordered a ring back in April of this year and here it is July and I have still not received it. I sent them an email in May regarding it and they responded that they were waiting on the shipper to send it to them. I have not heard anything else back from them since then. I have tried to email them several times since May and they have not responded to any of them. Seems to me they are nothing but scam artists. This is a copy of the last... Read more

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Stay away from this company if you want to protect yourself and your credit. I was scammed by their Comenity credit card company 4 years ago and am still paying off a credit card bill I don't owe. Premier transferred my open account with them to Comenity without my knowledge. Once I reviewed my first statement I discovered they had re-charged me for my kit, my and all my product charges. I'll never get them paid off. 27% interest. You can... Read more

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My wife ordered a ring in March and here we are in June, no ring, no return email, no returned money. After many attempts to contact this company ghey will not return emails, very frustrating when you order an item and get scammed. Appears to be a scam to me and to prove the scam I am forced to ramble on to get this to be 100 to get my disatisfaction posted, they must be hoping most people give up and dont follow through. But if this review will... Read more

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Hello, I am fully disapointed in one, the consultant, and two the refund policy. I ordered something and come to find out my mother bought me the same thing. No sense in having two, right? I went to my "jewler" or consultant or whatever and she was VERY rude regarding the return policy and i am NOT happy. Not to mention the fact that i have ordered from her several times trying to help support her and each time it takes her a good two weeks to... Read more

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This company doesn't expect you to be able to wear this in daily life. The jewelry turns if you just leave in the bag long enough.Sweating,hand washing,perfume,AIR.... really if you are paying $50 dollars for a ring or $70 dollars for a necklace it should stand up to daily life. And $5 dollar replacement fee(that's probably cost)so you are paying 26/75 dollars for $5 dollar jewelry!!!! It's poor quality and a scam. They should be embarrassed to... Read more

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